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Land Restitution

Our Land Restitution practice specialises in the delicate and critical area of land reform and restitution in South Africa. We have a deep understanding of the laws and processes underpinning land claims and the restitution process, including the Restitution of Land Rights Act. Our experienced legal professionals are committed to providing comprehensive advice and representation for those defending against land claims, as well as those seeking advice on existing claims. 


Services Offered:


  • Land Claims Representation: Representing clients in the submission of land restitution claims, or defending against claims, in compliance with the Restitution of Land Rights Act.

  • Land Claims Consultation: Providing consultation on existing land claims, including assessment of validity, potential outcomes, and strategic advice.

  • Negotiation and Dispute Resolution: Assisting in negotiation, mediation, or litigation of land restitution disputes to reach equitable and lawful outcomes.

  • Restitution Research and Investigation: Conducting thorough research and investigation into historical land rights.

  • Land Reform Advisory: Providing advice on land reform policies and processes in South Africa, including the impact on property rights and land use.

  • Land Valuation and Compensation: Providing advice on land valuation and compensation in the context of land restitution.

Our People

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