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Water Law

Our Water Law practice specialises in the nuanced and complex field of water rights and resource management. We understand the unique environmental, social, and political dimensions of water law in South Africa. Our legal professionals are committed to providing comprehensive legal counsel, helping clients navigate the regulatory landscape, and ensure sustainable water management practices. 


Services Offered:


  • Water Rights and Licensing: Assisting clients with obtaining and managing water use licenses, in compliance with the National Water Act.

  • Environmental Compliance: Advising on compliance with environmental regulations related to water use, waste discharge, and contamination prevention.

  • Dispute Resolution: Representing clients in water-related disputes, including those related to water rights, water quality, and damage claims.

  • Water Transactions: Assisting with water-related transactions, including the sale, lease, and transfer of water rights.

Our People

Aldo Rech


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